The Repco Supercars Championship head to Western Australia this weekend for the Bosch Power Tools Perth SuperSprint and Team 18 driver, David Reynolds will be looking to redeem himself after a challenging weekend in New Zealand.  


Barbagallo Raceway is one of two circuits with a lap shorter than 1-minute and a track length of 2.4km; lap times are just 55 seconds.  


Although a short track, teams will need to be mindful of tyre degradation and with seven corners in total, five are right turns meaning that the left side will cop plenty of tyre wear. Adding to this, this weekend will also see a reduction in tyre pressure; meaning teams will need to be mindful of tyre strategies.  


“Perth is a funny old place. It’s a short track, but there’s seven corners – with only four or five that you set your car up for. Most of them are long corners, so you spend a while on the corner, which our cars don’t particularly like. We tend to prefer the street-style tracks, where there’s sharp corners. So, we’ll have to be clever with our set up and ensure that we manage our tyre bank well,” said Reynolds.  


This weekend will also see a new rule for the minimum tyre pressure – being a minimum of 15 psi. For the last 7-8 years it has been a minimum of 17psi for most of the other races. Any time you change your tyre pressures, especially in the rears, it makes your car balance differently. The less tyre pressure you can run, the more grip you can get from the rear axle and being on the rear axle, it’s going to make the car understeer a lot.”  


Across the weekend, there will be two 200km races; one on Saturday and one Sunday. Qualifying will be a 3-part knockout style – and as always, grid placement ahead of the race will be crucial. 


Teams will need to complete one compulsory pit stop in the race and must change a minimum of two tyres – however, refueling is not required.   


“We’ll do 55 laps for each race on Saturday and Sunday with an F1 style qualifying session,” said Reynolds.  


“Tyre degradation will be intense, so that’ll be our biggest focus and challenge across the weekend. We also have to use one set of green tyres on Friday.  


“Last year I didn’t do too badly. Obviously, it’s a different car and team this year, so I’m looking forward to giving it a crack and seeing what we can do.  


“We had a pretty average weekend in Taupō, so as a team it’ll be important for us to bounce back and have a good swing at it.”  


The action kicks off on Friday 17th May, with a 60-minute practice session and the remaining sessions to follow across Saturday and Sunday.  


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