Tom Hayman made his mark in the opening round of the TA2 Muscle Car Series at Sydney Motorsport Park on the weekend.  


The young gun took out third place in race 1, and just missed out on a podium opportunity in Saturday’s race 3.  


Here’s what Hayman had to say about the weekend:  


“It was a challenging weekend at SMP,” said Hayman.  


“We showed some great car speed, which is something we knew we could do. But unfortunately, we kept having mechanical failures – which keeps occurring even though it’s on parts that we’ve been working on and have replaced. So, it was frustrating; we’ll be working hard and getting them all checked out. 


“Given the circumstances though, we still managed to come away with some pretty decent results. We qualified in third, with the potential to challenge for pole position however, a mistake from my end on my qualifying lap jeopardised that.  


“Race 1 was a pretty stagnant race, we ended up finishing third with only 4-seconds between second and third place. 


“From there, the weekend started to go downhill. Race 2 we had a gearbox linkage drama, so we ended up getting stuck in gear again. So, we’ll be looking into that issue and hopefully getting it replaced.  


“Race 3, I started dead last in 18th. The car was really quick though and it was only an 8-lap race and I was able to get to P4 which I was absolutely stoked with! I managed to pick up 14 spots in 8 laps and was able to gain eight of them in the first lap, so that was pretty epic. 


“That would have had to of been one of the most fun races I’ve done, charging through the back of the field like that. So, it was awesome to get that result.  


“Obviously due to having issues in race 2 and coming from the back in the third race (and being a short race) – we still had two fresh tyres left for the last race. Everyone else had used theirs. So, we were pumped up for the race.  


“We were starting from fourth and within the first 2 laps we were up to second. Unfortunately, on lap 3 or 4 we had a tyre rod failure and it collapsed into the front left corner coming out of Turn 1, which is one of the fastest spots on the track. So, that was pretty scary. It was also the same failure that we had at the same spot last year. So, it was a bit disappointing to have that happen again.  


“We were definitely on for the race win there.  


“But it is what it is. Hopefully we have some better luck at the next round!  


“A big thanks to everyone for your support! Catch you all soon!”

Tom is set to next race at The Bend Motorsport Park, May 31- June 2. Stay tuned for more updates!  



Friday 19th April 

Practice 1 – 2nd  

Practice 2 – 4th  

Qualifying – 3rd  

Race 1 – 3rd  

Saturday 20th April  

Race 2 – 18th  

Race 3 – 4th  

Race 4 – DNF  



Jackson Rice welcomes a new partnership with TradeMutt, manufacturers of eye-catching workwear for tradies, by tradies; with the aim of the unique designs and patterns to start conversations about mental health among the blue-collar community. 


Former tradies Dan Allen and Edward Ross founded the company in 2016 after a young friend of theirs was lost to suicide; from there they realised that something had to be done to improve mental health in the construction sector. TradeMutt’s line of colourful workwear is designed to spark conversations about mental health, and to encourage tradies to talk about how they’re really doing.   


Impressively, TradeMutt has allowed Allen and Ross to fund TIACS.org (This Is a Conversation Starter), a free mental-health support service offering access to trained psychologists and support workers to all Australians – with 50% of sales going into TIACS.org. 


So far, TradeMutt has helped 4,650 clients reach the free TIACS support line, including a total of 4,016 hours of conversations.  


The newly established partnership between TradeMutt and TransAm Racing driver, Jackson Rice saw the Dream Racing Australia crew kitted out in some ‘This Is a Conversation Starter’ workwear at the third round of the National TransAm Series at Phillip Island last weekend.  


Rice is extremely grateful for this partnership, given it’s a cause that he is truly passionate about.  


“I’m very humbled to be partnering with TradeMutt. For so many people to be affected by mental health in Australia and worldwide, I think it’s vital to continually try to promote having a conversation,” said Rice.  


“That’s exactly what TradeMutt are successfully doing, and I’m proud to be able to spread even a little bit of awareness, whether it be people through our trades, the motorsport community or even someone watching at home. I think it’s important for people to open up more, and by wearing some really cool and funky workwear, it’s a great way to get those conversations started!”  


Owners Dan Allen and Ed Ross are equally excited about pairing with Rice and exploring the motorsport industry, in hopes of reaching more trades and people in a bid to create more awareness around mental health. 


“With the Blue Collar community of Australia being such great supporters of motorsport racing, it just makes perfect sense to have our work shirts among the pits and supporters of Jackson and his crew to ensure we are reminding people that conversations about mental health are normal and welcomed,” said Allen and Ross. 


“Together we will continue to change the culture around having vulnerable conversations as well as reaching out for help when required.”   


The next round of the Shannons SpeedSeries takes place at The Bend, South Australia on May 31 – June 2 – with Rice set to compete in round 4 of the Trans Am Series.  


Find out more here – https://www.speedseries.com.au/race-tailem-bend/  


Join the community. Buy TradeMutt workwear and start conversations about mental health to make an invisible issue impossible to ignore. 


The mental health counselling service that you tell your mates about. Call or text on 0488 846 988 Mon-Fri 8 am-10 pm AEST.  



Treacherous conditions in New Zealand made for a challenging weekend at the ITM Taupō Super400. With the Taupō circuit being new to the Supercars calendar, drivers also had to navigate through the challenging weather conditions. 


Friday’s 90-minute practice session saw David Reynolds finish in respectable ninth position, however come Saturday; the rain made for some tricky racing. Team 18 driver, Reynolds suffered with balance issues during Saturday’s qualifying session and finished up 21st ahead of the first race.  


Starting from the rear of the grid, it wouldn’t be long before the first Safety Car was deployed as the field approached Turn 1. Reynolds was lucky to escape the carnage and settled into a rhythm, before a second Safety Car was issued. During this, majority of the teams utilised this opportunity to complete their first compulsory stop, however Reynolds encountered a delay while exiting the pits amidst traffic.  


Although caught up in an incident between (Brock) Kostecki and (James) Courtney, it didn’t stop Reynolds charging forward to finish an impressive 16th. 


Reynolds’ pace continued into Sunday’s qualifying session, placing the #20 TRADIE Racing Mustang 13th ahead of the final race – and just missing out on the top ten shootout.  


However, that would be where Reynolds’ luck turned; after a steering drama dampened his final race, where it spiraled from there. A lap down, the #20 Camaro was hard to control and so 24th was all Reynolds could manage.  


Hear what Reynolds had to say on the weekend: 


“It was my first-time racing in New Zealand at Taupō, so it was a little bit different. The track is really funny – there’s an old surface and a new surface and you can set your car up really great for the old surface (or vice-versa) and it’ll be terrible on the other surface. So, it was tricky to figure out what to do,” admitted Reynolds.  


“In practice, we were one of the fastest cars on the Friday, even though we were 9th on the timesheet, if I put my lap time together properly, we would have been in the top three for sure.  


“Saturday rolled around and we had a bit of communication drama between my car and the pit. We were hoping to obviously be up the front and unfortunately qualified 21st. It was hard to know when to pit or understand what was going on, they couldn’t tell me anything, so it really sucked.  


“It was heavily raining for the race – for the whole 200kms which was a long way in the rain. It was quite scary because the car fogs up, it gets really dirty and you can’t see anything and then you’re doing 200kms/h down the back straight and you’re just waiting for the car to brake in front of you to figure out where you’re going. So, it was a very tough day. I felt like besides getting crashed into three times; if I didn’t have those incidents, we would have been in the top few for sure. Our car was a jet. I felt like I passed 30 cars, but still only ended up 16th 


“And then the Sunday we went for a stiffer sort of set up all round, which is not our usual philosophy – but it sort of half worked. We didn’t really get our tyres up to the right temperature for qualifying and we ended up 13th, which actually was only seconds from the top ten, so we just missed out on the Shootout.  


“In the dry race, we had a lot of steering dramas. The steering was binding up really badly, I could barely drive the car – the steering was rock solid. It was forcing me to almost run off the track and drive around the outside of the corner instead of turning it down into the apex; so that wasn’t ideal.  


“All in all, it was a bit of a dismal weekend for us. But hopefully it’ll make us think a bit better and make us take more action in preparation for the next one.  


“Perth is the next round – which I did ok last year. So, I’m really looking forward to getting there and giving it another crack this year.”  


The Repco Supercars next head to Western Australia for the Bosch Power Tools Perth SuperSprint 17-19 May.  




Friday 19th April 

Practice 1 – 9th (90mins)  

Saturday 20th April 

Qualifying (Race 7) – 21st  

Race 7 – 16th  

Sunday 21st April 

Qualifying (Race 8) – 13th  

Race 8 – 24th  




The Repco Supercars Championship are set to take on a new circuit this weekend in New Zealand, Taupo. Having previously raced in New Zealand at Pukekohe, the all-new track is a level playing field for all; with no previous Supercars data for teams to compare.  


This weekend will also mark a personal career milestone for Team 18 driver, David Reynolds as he looks to start his 200th race start in the Supercars series.  


“I’m really looking forward to this weekend,” said Reynolds.  


“It’ll be my 200 rounds in Supercars this weekend, which just means I’ve been around a really, long time.  


“I’ve had many, many years of a lot of hard work. There’s been a lot of positive stories, a lot of negative stories. A lot of highs and a lot of lows.  


“Motorsport is very unique. It’s not like a game of football or cricket where you have a 50% chance of winning and are only against one other team. We’re racing against 24 or 25 drivers. In fact, when I first started, I was racing against 32 other guys. So, it’s not an easy task to win.  


“I’ve had a really good journey so far and I’m loving where I am in my career at the moment, so it’s going to be a fun 200th round!”  


Although this will be a new track for Supercars, Reynolds admits he has a slight advantage, having previously driven on the Taupo circuit – although many years ago.  


“I’m really looking forward to heading to Taupo,” said Reynolds.  


“I raced there about 15 years ago in Carrera Cup, so I sort of know the track a little bit. I went there recently to re discover it again, and I discovered that It’s pretty much the same. Except they have put new surfaces down on three different corners. But, other than that, it’s still the same.  


“Tyre degradation will be interesting this weekend as the track surface is so old. So, we’ll need to be mindful about how we work the tyre strategy. 


“It’s going to be hard to set the car up for, which gives an even level playing field as no one has been there before. 


“The track is tricky to drive, there’s some really long corners there and there’s some not so good corners. 


“I consider New Zealand tracks to be like good golf courses – they make you think about what you have to do and where you must place the car, and so they make you really think.  


“Thats why New Zealand drivers are good drivers, as their tracks are really hard, and you have to place the car in certain spots to get the most out of it.” 


This weekend’s track action will include a 90-minute practice session on Friday, before a Qualifying session and a Top Ten Shootout, and a 60-lap race on both Saturday and Sunday.  


“The race structure is a total of 400kms completed over the two days – so two 200km races, about 60 laps each day with two pitstops,” said Reynolds.  


“Qualifying as usual will be key, so I’m hoping we can get ourselves into a good position early on and get a spot in the Shootout to give us a good run into the race. 


“New Zealand’s weather can be a little unpredictable, so it could possibly be raining, or it could possibly not be! So, we’ll just have to wait and see!  


“I’m really looking forward to this round. It should be a lot of fun.”  


All the action from the ITM Taupo Super400 can be broadcast on Kayo Sports as well as on Foxtel.  


The Seven Network and 7plus will show highlights of the Saturday and Sunday event, whilst New Zealand viewers can watch on Sky Sport live in HD.  


SEN (Sports Entertainment Network) will also broadcast the Sunday action live. 


Make sure to check your local guide and the Supercars website for viewing times – https://www.supercars.com/tv-schedule  




Photo credit: Colson Photography

Tyre degradation was the talking point across last weekend’s Shannons SpeedSeries event at Phillip Island, especially in the Trico Trans Am Series. For Jackson Rice, driver of the #7 Dream Racing Australia Mustang, the new track surface was tricky to get a handle on.  


Rice started off competitively, however was caught on the back foot after a blistered tyre saw him only complete half of Friday’s qualifying session, ultimately pushing him to finish mid-pack. 


It was a knock-on effect from there and a constant battle of playing catch up whilst trying to manage the tyres.  


Here’s what Jackson had to say after the weekend:  


“It was a bit of an interesting weekend,” said Rice.  


“We started off ok on Friday and seemed to have plenty of speed on used tyres in the practice sessions.  


“Come qualifying, we had an alright qualifying lap which originally put us into P8 and on the fourth row.  


“Halfway through the qualifying session though, we discovered that we had blistered one of the rear tyres, which was an on-going conversation for the whole category; tyre blistering and tyre degradation due to the new track surface.  


“Everyone with our type of tyre compound really struggled with the new surface and the compound. So, we decided to park the car halfway through the session so that we didn’t risk blistering another tyre.  


“Most of the other teams put greens on for the last half of qualifying and went a little bit quicker and obviously we were parked, so we dropped back to start the race in 11th.  


“We played that as a strategy that we were going to fight during the races rather than qualifying. So, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.  


“Race one on Saturday, we made up a couple of spots, but we were having really big issues with the right rear tyre – which seemed quite common up and down pitlane. There were a lot of technical conversations happening behind the scenes to try and figure out what was happening.  


“It was a flow on effect from there, as drivers we were really trying to save tyres the entire time – which made it difficult to push hard and really go for it. I ended up finishing 11th for Saturday’s only race.  


“Come Sunday we got to race 2 and managed to stay out of trouble and brought the car across the line with no damage in P11. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite start the race where we had hoped and so we were playing catch up for most of the weekend.  


“Race 3, we had a great start and made our way up to fifth initially, but we had a couple of bumps and got shuffled down the pack, back to where we started. However, we managed to improve and save the tyre really well – unlike some guys who finished with blown tyres. We crossed the line in 12th 


“We learnt a lot over the weekend and about the high degradation of the track and how the car responds.  


“We capitalised where we could, I really enjoyed the round, and we came home with no damage and learnt a lot and of course, we banked as many points as we could given the circumstances. The times were so close throughout the field, so I think overall it was a pretty good weekend.  


“We’ll get ready for the next round, which is about 4 weeks away at The Bend! 


“A massive thanks to everyone that came out and watched over the weekend. And a big thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters. I really appreciate all of your continued support; it means a lot!” 


The Trico Trans Am Series next head to Tailem Bend in SA, 31 May -2 June.  


Friday – April 12th  

Practice 1 – 11th  

Practice 2 – 12th  

Qualifying – 12th  


Saturday 13th April  

Race 1 – 11th  


Sunday 14th April  

Race 2 – 11th  

Race 3 – 12th  




Tom Hayman has come away with a second-place podium finish on his debut of the Monochrome GT4 Australia Series at Phillip Island last weekend.  


Hayman shared the wheel with Marcos Flack, the duo driving the new McLaren Artura GT4 under Method Motorsport, spearheaded by Supercars driver, Chaz Mostert.  


The pair didn’t place lower than fourth across the entire weekend, a notable accomplishment. Saturday saw both drivers compete in their individual qualifying session, where they both finished third respectively.   


Starting from the second row of the grid for both races, Hayman and Flack had an impressive first round, taking out second place across both races.  


Here’s what Hayman had to say after the weekend:  


“We had a really great weekend at Phillip Island,” said Hayman. 


“We had two really good results for the Championship, coming home in second place in both races – so I’m wrapped with that.  


“We started the weekend off pretty strong. In practice we were in the top five. As we headed into qualifying it was a bit tricky, as it started off wet and then came dry for my session. Marcus qualified the car for race 1 and qualified us for race 2, which we both finished up in P3.  


“Race 1 we had quite good pace. Unfortunately, the session got shortened back to 40-mintutes though, rather than an hour. Marcus started the race and got a really good start. He handed it over to me in a good position, but we didn’t quite have enough to hold on and settle into first place – the Miedecke Mustang just had too much power.  


“Race 2 we showed that we can absolutely keep up with the Mustang though and we drove the McLaren as hard as we could. I was able to stay with the Lubrimaxx Ford Mustang at the start of the race and handed it over to Marcus, who was able to come out in front of the Mustang after the pit stop.  


“Unfortunately though, the pit timer gave us a faulty reading. The pit stop must be 120 seconds from the start of pitlane to the end, and so we got a drive through penalty for that error, but we were still able to come out in second place as we had a big enough gap, which was really lucky.  


“I’m stoked with our first weekend in the Monochrome GT4 Series and looking forward to pushing harder again for the next round! 


“A big thanks to Method Motorsport for all their effort on the weekend and also to all of my supporters and sponsors, it means a lot!”  


Round 2 of the Monochrome GT4 Australia next heads to The Bend 31 May – 2 June. 


There’s no rest for Hayman though, who will head to Sydney this weekend for round 1 of the TA2 Racing Muscle Car Series with his #30 Ford Mustang TransAm at Sydney Motorsport Park.  


Catch all the action with live primetime coverage on SBS on Friday and Saturday night, April 19-20, simulcast on Fox Sports and Kayo.  



Friday 12th April  

Practice 1 – 4th  

Practice 2 – 3rd  

Saturday 13th April 

Qualifying 1 (Flack) – 3rd  

Qualifying 2 (Hayman) – 3rd  

Race 1 – 2nd 

Sunday 14th April  

Race 2 – 2nd